A.I. Chatbot for Human Resource (H.R.) Helpdesk

AI-powered HR Chatbot providing instant responses to employee queries and improving the employee experience.


Saving In Time And Cost


Boost In Helpdesk Efficiency




Increase In Employee Satisfaction



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Apply Leave


Request For Forms


Common H.R. requests


Employee Onboarding



Pre-Trained H.R. Agent with 100+ Common H.R. Helpdesk Questions


Leverages on our pre-built Agent which includes intents and entities that cover the most common H.R. requests and domain knowledge. You need to provide responses since they may depend on particular use cases or need to be retrieved from external sources (eg. your existing H.R. system).



Single Sign-On via Microsoft Active Directory (AD)

Take advantage of the existing employee organisational structure to authorise Chatbot access, without requiring them to enter username and password.



Works Everywhere

Our solutions work on the workplace chat app that your company is already using.




Microsoft Teams




Facebook Workplace





Languages Supported

Our Chatbot are powered by advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies. It understands the natural language humans speak, perform complex tasks based on the ability to understand intents and hidden insights.

We supports all the main languages spoken in Malaysia. We even support Malay slangs spoken among the communities.



Bahasa Malaysia




Self-Train FAQ

Train your chatbot to answer FAQ and Small Talk without any technical knowledge.

Screenshot 2019-07-24 at 4.43.51 PM.png


Human Handover

When chatbots are unable to provide satisfactory responses, helpdesk agents are notified and ready to takeover the conversation. Helpdesk agents can track the tickets status and mark the ticket as completed after the issue is resolved.

Helpdesk agents can also assign the chat to other agents in other team/departments to better serve the employees.

human takeover.png

Human handover is automatically activated when the employees are annoyed or require assistance. H.R. Helpdesk Staffs will be notified via SMS / Phone Call / Email.



SLA Tracking

Advanced performance report & analytics to help you measure the impact of H.R. Chatbot in answering inquiries from employees.



Automatic Self-Learning

Our chatbot is always learning from real user input. The more the interactions that the chatbot had, the higher the accuracy the chatbot has when processing future user input.

Once a real user input is recognised with existing chatbot training, it is automatically added into the training, resulting in higher confidence level when a similar user input is encountered in the future.

automatic self-learning.png

The confidence level to automatically add real user input is configurable in our Studio.



Implementation Process

Get in touch with our business development team to initiate the discussion.


Go through our one-time setup process to get your H.R. Helpdesk Chatbot up and running, including brainstorming sessions, employee authentication setup, content development and helpdesk training. This process usually takes around 2-3 weeks.


Create a communication plan to announce the launch of the H.R. Helpdesk Chatbot and a simple how-to video showing employees how to interact with it.


Set up a weekly review for the first six weeks (and monthly thereafter) to measure the performance and decide next steps to add more features.



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