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Solution Architecture


Hyped Mind Studio EnterpriseTM is comprised of A.I. Conversation Processing Engine, which handles the conversations between Chatbots and users, and Chatbot Studio, which is the web console for administrators to perform various tasks such as training and monitoring the Chatbots.


Our platform utilises the existing firewall in your enterprise system architecture, providing the same security features as your current system.


Our platform is deployed on-premise in your enterprise system architecture, giving you the total control of the network and data security.


Our platform can connect to your existing enterprise system server to trigger custom business tasks, fetch customers information, and more.


Admins can monitor and train the Chatbot when they are in your company network, since the data is protected from outgoing network connection.


Platform Customisation 

Customisations such as custom business workflow, business logic integration and enterprise backend integration are built on top of our highly stable and robust core platform. With the data and business logic integrated, the Chatbot will be more intelligent and able to solve more problems with higher accuracy.

 System Scalability

Depending on the server specifications, Hyped Mind Studio EnterpriseTM can support up to 100,000 concurrent conversations with users.

 Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Hyped Mind Studio EnterpriseTM is able to connect to any of the NLU engines by major technology companies. For enterprises who prefer On-Premise NLU solution, we recommend our proprietary NLU solution: Hyped Mind NLU EngineTM.

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Hyped Mind NLU Engine


Microsoft Luis


Google DialogFlow

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Amazon Lex


Security & Compliance

We take security seriously here at Hyped Mind. Our platform leverages the latest in security technology to ensure that your information is secure and compliant. Our platform also conforms to the cybersecurity requirements of the Financial Services industry and data privacy regulations by the national bank.

TLS/SSL for all external and internal network traffics ✅

AES256-CBC via OpenSSL to encrypt database in storage ✅

All data resides in the premise without sending data to any third party ✅

All data resides within boundary of Malaysia ✅

Support and Maintenance 

Support business hours are Monday to Friday, 10am - 6pm (GMT +08).

Eligible to receive free system upgrade periodically, including features enhancement, security patches and stability improvements.