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The Messenger and Web Chatbot building platform for your business.


First Messenger and Web Bot building platform in South-East Asia

Try out our latest Bot building platform for Free and we guarantee no coding experience is required!


Multi-channels Chatbot

Chatbot projects built on Hyped Mind platform can be easily deployed to Facebook Messenger and Website.


Zero Coding

You can build a Chatbot packed with NLU ("Natural Language Understanding") capability within minutes without any coding. Your first Chatbot will spring to life in less than 6 clicks.

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Rich Messages

Our platform supports different types of responses including image, video, audio, quick replies and external links. Response message is highly customisable to meet your unique use cases.

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Multiple Language Support [COMING SOON]

Our Chatbot solutions support English for now and will expand to more Asia languages within the next 12 months. Our solution is capable of adding another 22 languages.

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Build once Deploy anywhere

Once you configure your chatbots on our platform, you can connect to as many channels as you want without any extra configurations.


Built-in Chatbot Skills

Supercharge your chatbot with our pre-built chatbot skills.



Manage your product catalogues

Train your chatbot to handle product inquiries

Customise the responses for different product inquiries




Manage your booking list

Customise the booking timeslots to suit your business.



Add FAQ for your business to handle common and simple customer inquiries

Add new FAQ by providing sample questions phrases and custom responses.

Add Small Talk that suits the personality and the voice of your brand


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Manage your inbox list

Customise how your chatbot gather customer’s information


More skills coming soon!



Start engaging with your customers and grow your business

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Looking for enterprise solutions?

We build customised and on-premise chatbots for visionary enterprises in various industries, such as insurance, financial, automotive, healthcare, manufacturing and more.

In the future, an AI agent will know that you are at work and have ten minutes free, and then help you accomplish something that is high on your to-do list. It won’t just boost productivity in the office, either”, says Jack: “Innovation will improve many other areas of life too.
— Jack Ma, Alibaba